Adam Derc

Wielkopolska Spatial Planning Office

The Office has been operating for 50 years and it is a design department subordinate to the Marshal of the Wielkopolska region. It employs about fifty highly qualified people - urban planners, architects and experts in many related branches.

Jacek Michalowski, the Director of the WSPO, has been working in spatial planning for 40 years. The most important WSPO projects include The Spatial Development Plan of Wielkopolska Voivodeship, The Spatial Development Plan of the Poznan Metropolitan Area, as well as Studies and Regional Analyses for selected issues and areas.

Adam Derc, the ACRE local partner from the WSPO, is a urban planner and has been working in the WSPO for 11 years. His main professional interests include socio-economic issues in regional and urban planning, statistical analysis, and computer modeling of urban processes. Currently, as a head manager he is in charge of The Spatial Development Plan of Wielkopolska Voivodeship.