Evgenia Nenova

Local Council of Policy-Makers

Ms Evgenia Nenova. A democrat from her earliest years, Evgenia has the distinction of being expelled from school, at the historic town of Koprivshtitsa, for opposing the then communist regime. Migrating to another town, she completed her secondary education with a gold medal and certificate of excellence.

At Sofia University, Evgenia managed to attain two degrees in four years – one in history, and another in journalism, going on to work in the archives of the Council of Ministers and of Sofia Municipality. While an archivist, she was entrusted with the responsibility of winding down some of the distinctive institutions of the old communist regime.

In keeping with the times, in the 1990s Evgenia headed Sofia Municipality’s Commission on the restitution of nationalised property, later branching out into private business, providing services ranging from legal advice to real estate, architecture and construction.

Since 2000 has been Head of the Office of Sofia’s Municipal Counselors.

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