Ivo Popov

Local Council of Creative and Knowledge Experts

Mr Ivo Popov. Having completed his M.A. at Sofia’s Technical University, Ivo stayed on until 1992 as assistant lecturer. Thereafter, and until 2003, he was consecutively employed by four major banks to design and run their information and computer infrastructure.

In 2003 he chose freedom and launched his own company, AlphaLift Ltd, designing and maintaining the software for modern lifts. A futuristic board on the wall of his office indicates, by a series of blinking lights and clicks, the behaviour of his lifts. Since more than 90 per cent of lift problems these days are to do with software malfunctions, Ivo is able to repair a lift in, for example, Munich, while sitting in his office in Sofia.

Ivo has been a performing (and several times – nearly famous) rock musician since school and continues to play in some of Sofia’s most prestigious rock clubs. He was the co-author and performer of one of the most popular protest songs of the 1989-90 period, “Land of the Smiling Giants”. His fine musical ear enables him to hear, before seeing them lit up on his board, problems with any of his lifts anywhere in the world.

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