Maria Staneva

Local Councils of Policymakers

Maria Staneva. Currently Mayor of Sredetz District Municipality in Sofia Municipality, Maria started out in the ICT field. Having completed her education at the Technical University in Sofia and specialised in what was then called “electronics”, she then worked at the Central Institute for Information Techonologies.

Following on with her fascination with informatics, in 1992 Maria became the manager of information and databases at Sredetz District Municipality. From 1994 to 2005 she was Municipality Secretary, becoming Mayor in 2005.

As all creative individuals, Maria is very close to nature and water. She maintains a country house in the village of Boboshevo, near Sofia. The house is on the banks of the Struma river – one of the great and very beautiful regional rivers, which flows into Greece and ultimately feeds into the Aegean.

aria’s cultural pursuits in Sofia concentrate on attending concerts of classical music. The enthusiasm for the classics, she maintains, has flown naturally out of an earlier fascination with rock and roll and heavy metal.

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