Project Management

Project co-ordinator (PC): Prof.Dr. Sako Musterd (Amsterdam)


Project managementProject manager (PM): Dr. Olga Gritsai (Amsterdam)

Secretarial assistant (UvA): Puikang Chan (Amsterdam)
The financial officer(UvA): Annemieke van Haastrecht (Amsterdam)


Co-ordination team (CT):

  • Prof.Dr. Sako Musterd (Project Coordinator)
  • Dr. Olga Gritsai (Project Manager)
  • Prof.Dr. Alan Murie (Birmingham)
  • Prof.Dr. Zoltan Kovács (Budapest)

Project Steering Committee(PSC):

  • Representatives of all the 13 partners
  • Project coordinator

Local Partnerships (LOP) consist of:

  • Local Councils of policymakers (LCP)
  • Local Councils of Creative and Knowledge Experts (LCE)

European council of policymakers and creative and knowledge experts (ECPE):

  • Representatives of 13 LOPs

ACRE Project management scheme

ACRE Project Management scheme



Structure of Local Partnerships (LOP)

Structure of Local Partnerships