Workshop Title

Does size count? From micro to macro local regional policies


Silvia Mugnano -


According to the academic literature the emerging model of local governance over the last decade or so is increasingly focused on the city region as one of the main actors. However, it seems that only one level of intervention is not enough to deal with complex dual objectives of simultaneously maintaining competitiveness and social cohesion. This is a real challenge for models of urban governance. The crucial question surrounds what we mean by ‘local’? In other words, what is the appropriate scale for designing and implementing policies to foster creative and the knowledge industry? We are witnessing two opposing trends. On the one hand, city boundaries are becoming more porous across Europe where city governance has been transformed and reshaped at the metropolitan and the city-region scale. This reshaping reflects changes in work and lifestyles of highly-skilled individuals and particularly creative and knowledge workers who are strongly characterised by a high level of geographical mobility, international networking and so on. On the other hand and at the same time, the local dimension is far from disappearing. Micro territorial dimensions are gaining an important role. In Dublin, Milan, Toulouse and Amsterdam the phenomenon of creative and knowledge neighbourhoods and IT and financial service districts are growing. Moreover, creative and knowledge workers seem to stress the importance of the local dimension in their daily and working life.  Thus, it appears that creative and knowledge sectors have glo-cal characteristics. This workshop will outline how policy is responding to these complexities at the local and regional levels. It may be that neighbourhoods linked with the global image of the city are more adapted to the needs of creative people? Perhaps the metropolitan and/or regional level is more suitable for the knowledge sectors? Perhaps policy intervention is more appropriate for the knowledge sector than the creative sector?


  • Silvia Mugnano
  • Helene Martin-Brelot
  • Enda Murphy
  • Others to be confirmed


2 Hours

  • Presentation of the position paper
  • Presentation Case studies on local policies
  • Presentation Case studies on metropolitan area policies
  • Round Table and discussion