Workshop Title

Emerging Creative Sector and Knowledge-intensive Industries in Post-socialist Cities


Tadeusz Stryjakiewicz -

Zoltan Kovacs - 

Olga Gritsai -


The development of competitive, creative and knowledge-based cities is strongly influenced by the wider political and socio-economic framework in which these cities exist, operate and are regulated. After World War II for 45 years the cities of East-Central Europe were regulated by a command system which by its very essence hampered competitiveness and creativity. That is why the emergence of the creative and knowledge-based economy in these cities has been delayed (it could start only at the beginning of 1990s), and its development still reveals several specific features. The catching up process of East Central Europe depends very much depends on the development of creative and knowledge intensive activities which require special policies. All these justify setting up a separate workshop to address this group of cities, which is called 'post-socialist'. During the workshop we expect presentations from both researchers and practitioners. Apart from the discussion of the theoretical framework and development pathways of the creative sector in post-socialist cities, the focus will be put on policies supporting this type of development, based on experiences of cities from different geographical areas of the region. We would also like to present the main ideas of the European Policy Brief related to post-socialist cities and to initiate a discussion on unsolved problems, future challenges as well as potential future research issues/projects.


ACRE participants:  T. Stryjakiewicz, Z. Kovacs, O. Gritsai, B. Lange, T. Egedy, E. Dainov.

Round table: speakers plus practitioners (LOPs representatives): T. Kayser, K. Zasiadly.


3 Hours

Depending on confirmations we expect 8-10 papers in the workshop organised in two sessions. In the first session emphasis will be placed on theoretical questions and the post-socialist pathway. In the second session papers addressing the policy implications of creative economy in post-socialist cities will be presented. The session will be closed by a roundtable discussion with local practitioners who can address some of the issues raised by the presenters.

- Introductory paper – theoretical background, specific pathway of post-socialist cities (on the basis of the European Policy Brief related to post-socialist cities)

- Case study papers – development pathways of the creative knowledge sector in specific post-socialist cities (e.g. Leipzig, Budapest, Poznan, Sofia, Riga)

- Policy oriented papers – Policies supporting the development of the creative knowledge sector in post-socialist cities: good or best practice?

- Round table with LOPs – Discussion on the specificity of the development of the creative knowledge sector in post-socialist cities, on unsolved problems and future challenges as well as on potential future research issues/ projects