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Governance, leadership and policy in creative and knowledge cities


Dr. Caroline Chapain – c.a.chapain@bhan.ac.uk

Mark Pradel - marcpradel@b.edu


Elsewhere in Europe cities and regions are developing policies to foster the ‘new economy’. In this approach, culture, creativity, knowledge and innovation are seen as cornerstones for economic growth. Thus, public administrations are developing programmes and initiatives at different levels to promote different sectors considered as ‘strategic’. Although similar in scope, the different approaches depend to a great extent on the institutional context in which they take place and the role that different public and private actors play.

This workshop is aimed at analysing different strategies and governance approaches to foster creative and knowledge industries taking into consideration the role of public administrations, the relationship between tiers of government and the role of private and societal actors in the development of policies and strategies. Moreover, the workshop will focus on the role of leadership in the development of long-term strategies.

The workshop includes a mix of academic and practitioners’ presentation from, Barcelona (Spain), Birmingham (UK) and Poznan (Poland).


  1. Mohammed Zahir, Birmingham City Council, UK
  2. Karl Binder, Creative Republic, Birmingham, UK
  3. Krzysztof Zasiadly, Business Innovation Centre, Poznan - tbc
  4. LOP from Barcelona

(LOPs to be confirmed)


Workshop 1 (2 Hours) – Economic development policies and the creative knowledge economy

  • Introduction (Marc Pradel)
  • Presentations (Mohammed Zahir, Krzysztof Zasiadly)

Workshop 2 (1.5 Hours) – Planning policies and the creative and knowledge economy

  • Introduction (Austin Baber, Marc Pradel)
  • Presentations (Karl Binder)

(More speakers to be confirmed)