Workshop Title

Personal Networks and Spatial Mobility


Michel Grossetti -


This workshop will gather communications addressing the link
between personal networks and mobility. The theme of personal networks
is a part of the more general Social Networks Analysis. Studies
of personal networks had proved that these networks have a strong
spatial structure and that this structure depends on a person’s mobility.
On the other side, mobility is often driven by embeddedness in
personal networks.
The workshop will mix communications based
on the ACRE project and others made by specialists of the
link between mobility and networks.


1. Michel Grossetti, "Spatial organisation of social networks: general tendencies"

2. Hèlène Martin-Brelot, Michel Grossetti and Denis Eckert: personal networks of "creative" workers in Toulouse

3. Ainhoa de Federico (Univ. of Toulouse): "Networks of Erasmus students"

4. José-Luis Molina and Miranda Jessica Lubbers (Univ. Autonoma Barcelona): "Geographical repartition of migrants personal networks in Barcelona"

5. Renata Hosnedlova (Univ. Madrid): "Mobility, networks and projects of Ukrainians in Madrid"

6. Roger Campdepadros (Univ. Girona): " El papel de las
redes sociales en la integración de los inmigrantes”


3 Hours