Roundtable II

Friday 28 May, 12.30-14.00 hrs

Managers in Creative knowledge Industries

Round table organiser: Dr. Declan Redmond, University College Dublin


This round table explores the perspectives of managers of creative knowledge industries. In traditional theories of industrial location classic or ‘hard’ factors such as an available labour force, education, accessibility, incentives, taxations systems etc are thought to be the most important issues in determining location.    More recently, and quite controversially,  it has been argued that ‘soft’ factors such as quality of life, the ‘buzz’ of a city, its recreational and leisure resources are important in attracting workers and also companies. This round table will explore the views of mangers of creative knowledge industries and ask the following broad questions:

  • How important are classic location factors in the location of creative knowledge industries?
  • How important ‘soft’ factors in influencing the location?
  • What are the key challenges facing managers in the creative knowledge sectors?
  • What policy responses are required by central and local government in order to help competitiveness?

Chair:  Dr. Declan Redmond, University College Dublin.

Round Table Participants

Karl Binder         (Birmingham)

Jeroen Slot         (Amsterdam)

Jamie Cudden   (Dublin)

Seppo Laakso    (Helsinki)


Karl Binder  is the managing director of Birmingham based multimedia agency The Adhere Creative who specialise in online media and dynamic content systems. Clients span a variety of sectors including education, creative design, video and broadcast media, science and research and e-commerce and is currently developing interactive online video systems. The website is  Karl is also involved with the recently formed Creative Republic, a representative body for the creative industries in region.


Seppo Laakso is managing director in Urban Research, a small Helsinki based expert firm. He specializes in urban and regional development issues, including population and migration analysis and the problems of international migration. A special analysis on the foreign population in the Helsinki region, including projections for the future, was carried out recently.


Jeroen Slot is the head of research and policy information for O+S ( which is the independent research arm of Amsterdam municipality. O+S undertakes extensive research on quality of life and related issues in Amsterdam.


Jamie  Cudden  works in the Office for International Relations and Research for Dublin City Council.  His office is involved in a number of research projects which are benchmarking Dublin against other comparative cities. As such, his work focuses on issues which are important to managers of creative knowledge industries such as the quality of life; quality of public services; the competitiveness of Dublin etc.