Framing a competitive future
The creative and knowledge economy in European cities

Final ACRE conference, 27-29 May 2010, Barcelona


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Policy-makers and researchers are giving growing attention to creativity and innovation as drivers of urban development. Around the world, metropolitan regions are undergoing a transformation from an industrial-based to a creative knowledge economy. This implies not only physical transformation but also a shift in social composition and governance arrangements. Some questions that emerge observing this process are:

  • To what extent is a 'creative knowledge region' an attractive and real prospect for regional economic development?
  • Do 'soft' location factors influence the decision of business and human capital to settle in certain metropolitan regions rather than others?
  • What are the effects of the national and international skilled migration on the growth and development of creative and knowledge regions?

The European project ACRE assesses the impact of the emerging 'creative class' and the rise of the 'creative industries' on the competitiveness of EU metropolitan regaions. While the tradittaional 'hard'location factors that firms use will remailn important for international competitiveness, new 'soft' location factors that are mainly related to attracting the required 'talent pool' would deserve increasing attention.

As a policy-maker or researcher we are glad to invite you to our conference The creative and knowledge economy in European cities. This event offers the chance for policy-makers, researchers and practitioners from around Europe to come together in a stimulant environment to share their experiences and knowledge around fostering creativity and innovation in cities and regions. The conference offers:

- A space to share experiences

Plenary sessions and discussions, allowing experiences from different national contexts, including Northern and Southern Europe, Central European countries to be explored.

- Dissemination of information on competitiveness and creativity

Poster presentations and videos, giving policy-makers and researchers the opportunity to present information about their urban context and showcase the development of the creative knowledge in their metropolitan regions.

- Debate and discussion in workshops

During the conference, several workshops will be held with particular research topics, among them:

  • pathways to development of creative and knowledge economy
  • institutional actors in the creative and knowledge economy
  • the influence of 'soft' and 'hard' and possibly other location factors on the location decisions of creative workers and creative firms
  • new policies and new forms of governance to foster the creative and knowledge economy

- A stimulating creative environment

The conference will take place in the centre of Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant creative milieu attracting artists, designers and musicians. The city has a long term strategy to develop a pioneering, innovative technological district: The district 22@, which mixes knowledge-based economic activity, residence and social life. During the conference you will have the opportunity to visit this and other creative areas.


For more information you can contact: acrebcn @

ACRE Barcelona Team:

Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway

Joaquín Turmo Garuz

Lidia Garcia Ferrando

Marc Pradel Miquel

Montse Simó Solsona