Denis Eckert

Prof. Denis EckertDenis Eckert

Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherches Urbaines et Sociologiques,
Université de Toulouse-II Le Mirail
5 allées Antonio Machado,
F 31 058 Toulouse Cedex 9
Tel.: 05 61 50 35 63
Fax: 05 61 50 49 61
E-mail: eckert @


Denis Eckert, born in 1961, is senior researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Urban Studies (LISST-Cieu), University of Toulouse. He has been working at the Interdisciplinary Center for Urban and Sociological Studies (University of Toulouse-II Le Mirail) since 1997.
He graduated in Geography in 1992 at the University of Paris-I Sorbonne (France).
His main fields of interest are currently human geography of Russia, urban systems and networks in Europe, regional policy and cartography.
He has taken part in or led a series of scientific projects, with a stress put on the analysis of development processes in big cities.

- 2003-2006: "Big Cities and Metropolization in Russia and Western Europe: a Comparative Approach" (Project coordinator). Partners: Centre for Geopolitical Studies, Moscow, Centre for Municipal and Urban Economy, Ekaterinburg, North Caucasus Institute for Economic and Social Problems, Rostov.
- 2002: "The Evolution and Future of Big Regional Cities in a Globalizing World", Urban Geography International Workshop, Co-organisator, French-Russian Centre for Humanities (Moscow).
- 1999-2000: Project coordinator, "The International Image of Moscow City", Partner: Centre for Geopolitical Studies, Moscow (Russia)

He is also chief Editor of the scientific online journal Mappemonde