Frédéric Leriche

Dr. Frédéric Leriche

Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherches Urbaines et Sociologiques, Frédéric Leriche
Université de Toulouse-II Le Mirail
5 allées Antonio Machado,
F 31 058 Toulouse Cedex 9
Tel.: 05 61 50 43 64
Fax: 05 61 50 49 61
E-mail: lerich @


Frédéric Leriche is an Associate Professor at the Geography Department of the University of Toulouse II, where he was the international student exchange programs coordinator (1999-2006). He studied the French and the American « technopoles » for his Ph.D dissertation, and therefore spent a year as a « research fellow » at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1991. His current research is foccussed on economic and urban geography. He has done extensive work on industrial development, urban growth and urban politics in the North american cities (especially in the United States). He was « visiting scolar » at the University of California at Berkeley during the summer of 2004. He also has participated to several research programs, such as « Programme Cité » on the aerospace industry in the european cities (for which he studied the British case). Recently, he has organized an international symposium on the cultural industries (september 2006 in Toulouse).
Giving classes on the United States, he is also interested in the rise of this country as a global power, and has published on the geopolitics of the United States.