Lilia Kolova

Lilia Kolova

Centre for Social PracticesLilia Kolova

New Bulgarian University

9 Graf Ignatiev st, third floor

Sofia 1000


Tel: + 359 2 980 8170

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Lilia Kolova, a historian by education and community researcher by passion, has worked at the CSP-NBU since 2000, coming from a career as academic administrator and archivist. Lili has concentrated on managing practical and educational projects relating to minority integration and policy-making, acquiring a significant reputation among Bulgaria’s major ethnic minorities. Ms Kolova’s interest is European integraion and EU programmes, as well as in EU integration policies and challenges. She has also been the logistical officer of most of the CSP’s bigger projects, including international, and is the CSP-NBU’s primary liaison with decision-makers. Her particular recent interests have been community health issues and administrative reform.