Marc Pradel i Miquel

Marc Pradel i Miquel

Escola d’Empresarials,

Departament de Teoria Econòmica,Marc Pradel i Miquel

Universitat de Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal, 696. 3a planta.

08034 Barcelona


Tel. + 34 93 402 13 87

Fax. + 34 93 402 45 87

E-mail:  marcpradel @


Marc Pradel i Miquel, sociologist, has worked in Citizenship and Civil Society Centre (CISC) of the University of Barcelona between 2002 and 2004. He is assistant professor in the department of Sociological Theory in the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona. He is also a member of the research group "Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation" at the same University. His main topic of interest is social policies in the European Union framework. Especially he is interested on creative knowledge initiatives as a means to improve social cohesion. As a CISC member he has been involved in the European project EUROPUB European Public Space Observatory, a project with the aim of creating a monitoring system for European democracy. He has worked also in several projects regarding long therm education of ICT workers for Generalitat de Catalunya.