Marco Bontje

Dr. Marco Bontje

Universiteit van Amsterdam
AISSR - Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research Marco Bontje
Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130
NL-1018 VZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 525.5240

Fax +31 20 525.4051
E-mail: M.A.Bontje @


Marco Bontje (1973) is assistant professor at the Amsterdam institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt) of the University of Amsterdam. Since September 2004 he is working on the project ‘The Inventive City’, in which the economic development strategies of 7 European city-regions are compared, with a specific focus on the role of creativity, knowledge and innovation in these strategies. This project was an important ‘stepping stone’ towards ACRE, in which Marco will lead the Amsterdam case study team. Earlier research themes included the evaluation of national urbanisation policies in the Netherlands in a European comparative perspective (Ph.D. in 2001); the potential for sustainable development of edge-urban and suburban business locations (Marie Curie Host Fellowship in Leipzig 2002-2004); and shrinking cities in East Germany and the Netherlands. Next to his research tasks, Marco is currently the coordinator of the research masters in Metropolitan Studies and the research master Human Geography, Planning and Development Studies, as well as programme director of the master in Urban Studies,  all part of the geography and planning education programme of the University of Amsterdam.

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