Montserrat Pareja Eastaway

Dr. Montserrat Pareja Eastaway
Escola d’EmpresarialsMontserrat Pareja Eastaway
Departament de Teoria Econòmica
Universitat de Barcelona
Avinguda Diagonal, 696. 3a planta.
08034 Barcelona
Tel. + 34 93 402 13 87
Fax. + 34 93 402 45 87
E-mail: mpareja @


Montserrat Pareja Eastaway has worked at the University of Barcelona since 1993 researching and teaching in economics. She is associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona. She is the coordinator of the research group “Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation” at the same University. Her field of interest is focused on housing policy, developed at the three levels of government: central, regional and local, and its social implications. Housing affordability, tenure and housing policy measures and urban renewal plans are, among others, key aspects in her research. She has been involved in several projects, not only academic, but also directly working with policy-makers. The comparison with other European situations is a regular issue in her research career. She has been the Spanish partner responsible for the SOCOHO project funded by the European Union- 5th Framework Programme and the RESTATE project funded by the 6th Framework Programme. She has been an active member of the Strategic Plan of Barcelona, in particular in the  Comission on social cohesion and territory. She is also a member of the Co-ordination Committee of the European Network for Housing Research.