Sabine HafnerSabine Hafner

Dr. Sabine Hafner

Universität Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth
Gebäude: Geowissenschaften II
Universitätsstraße 30
95447 Bayreuth
Telefon: 0921 / 55 – 2280
Telefax: 0921 / 55 - 2369

Email: sabine.hafner @


Sabine Hafner is lecturer and researcher at the Department of Geography of the University of Bayreuth.

Her research interests are mainly in the field of socio-spatial marginalisation, urban and regional development and metropolitan governance. From 2001 till 2004 she took part with Manfred Miosga in the European project INTERACT (Integrated Governance for the City of Tomorrow) which was concerned with urban governance in practice in European Cities. Since 2005 she is working on the project “Creating knowledge in spatial planning”. In the project “Munich – City of Knowledge” (2005) she analysed in cooperation with Anne von Streit the knowledge intensive and creative industries of Munich as well as institutions and actors where new knowledge is created. Her most recent research project “location factor creativity” is concerned with the question if the concept of the creative class of Richard Florida can be transferred to the German context.