Veronica Crossa

Dr. Veronica CrossaVeronica Crossa

School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy

University College Dublin,



Dublin 14


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Veronica Crossa is a lecturer in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin. Her research interests lie at the intersection of urban geography, cultural geography and critical theory. Veronica completed her doctoral degree in geography at The Ohio State University in June 2006. Her doctoral research centered on the struggles resulting from the implementation of revitalization policies in the Historic Center of Mexico City. More specifically, she examined how excluded groups negotiate and struggle over changing power structures in their everyday lives. She also worked in a six month project at the Colegio de México (Mexico City) funded by the World Bank and the Government of Mexico City in June 2004. The project was designed to develop a contingency plan for the construction of a new system of public transportation (metro-bus) in Mexico’s capital city.