Vyacheslav Dombrovsky

Dr. Vjacheslav DombrovskyVjacheslav Dombrovsky

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Strelnieku iela 4a, Riga LV 1010, Latvia
Tel: +371 7039319

Fax: +371-783 02 49
E-mail: slavad @ sseriga.edu.lv

Website: www.sseriga.edu.lv


Assistant Professor Vyacheslav Dombrovsky is the SSE Riga post-doc researcher in the ACRE project. He has been a BICEPS (Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies) Research Fellow since 2003 when he became the first returning PhD to join the centre. He is an economist with a broad range of research interests, including: entrepreneurship, political economy, and public sector economics. Recent research projects have been concerned with the effect of law enforcement on enterprise performance, measurement of the shadow economy, the determinants of entrepreneurship, taxation and the market for gambling and labour market policies.

Dr. Dombrovsky is the coordinator of the BICEPS research programme in entrepreneurship. He is the leader of the Latvia country team in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) consortium, and is the local node coordinator in the RICAFE2 project on knowledge-based entrepreneurship that is funded by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Other current research includes a study of politically connected enterprises in Latvia.

Dr. Dombrovsky is involved in a number of applied and policy spheres. Working with colleagues from BICEPS, OSB Consulting (Austria) and the Institute for Employment Studies (UK), he helps organize the Mutual Learning Programme of the European Employment Strategy. Recent local activities have included: contributing to the Latvian National Programme for SME development, examining the state of economics research capacity in Latvia, and analysis of tax policies in the market for gambling. He has also been an independent expert on a number of projects for the European Commission.