Wim Ostendorf

Dr. Wim Ostendorf

Universiteit van AmsterdamWim Ostendorf
AISSR - Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research
Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130
NL-1018 VZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 525.4081

Fax +31 20 525.4051
E-mail: W.J.M.Ostendorf @ uva.nl


Wim Ostendorf (1948) is associate professor in Urban Geography at AMIDSt, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In his research he concentrates on processes of urbanization and on urban problems in metropolitan areas regarding population, housing, segregation and the impact of concentrated poverty. Recently he participated in the EU-funded research-projects URBEX (The Spatial Dimensions of Urban Social Exclusion and Integration: A European Comparison) and RESTATE (Restructuring Large Housing Estates in European Cities: Good Practices and New Visions for Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Cities).