Zoltán Dövényi

Prof. Zoltán Dövényi Zoltan Dovenyi

Institute of Geography
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budaörsi ut 45
H-1112 Budapest
Tel: +36-1-309-2629
Fax: +36-1-309-2684
E-mail: dovenyiz @ helka.iif.hu


Zoltán Dövényi is deputy director of the Geographical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS-GRI) in Budapest, and at the same time professor in human geography at the University of Pécs. His current research activities are in the field of migration processes in Hungary, international migration in East Central Europe, regional differentiation of the labour market in Hungary, with special attention to unemployment and informal economy. He has also comprehensive knowledge on national demographic trends and development tendencies of the Hungarian settlement system. He is member of different scientific committees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut für Länderkunde in Leipzig, Germany. Professor Dövényi co-ordinated many national research projects and other bilateral projects with German institutes (Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin).