School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy (UCD-GPEP), University College Dublin, Dublin,  Ireland

The UCD School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy (GPEP) is a dynamic research and learning environment based at University College Dublin, Ireland's largest university. UCD-GPEP is the only university school in Ireland specialising in research and teaching in geography, spatial planning, environmental policy and economics. UCD-GPEP has close links with Urban Institute Ireland, which has been involved in research on urban regions and economic competitiveness. UCD-GPEP has an international reputation in research in the areas of, inter alia, spatial planning and public policy,  environmental policy and economics, European environmental policy, governance and policy instruments, cost-benefit analysis and environmental valuation, human geography,  retailing, housing, regeneration, rural planning, economic geography, urban planning, energy and quality of life. The School has co-ordinated or been a partner in numerous multi-million euro international research projects and has had active collaborations with research teams in universities around the globe including, inter alia, Harvard, MIT, London, Cambridge, Gothenburg, Oslo, California, École de Mines. In addition to academic publishing, the School places considerable emphasis on communicating the fruits of its research to the policy process, practice and the public.  The School is in the process of embarking on detailed survey work on quality of life issues in Ireland, focusing in particular on the Dublin region.  This latter work is of direct relevance to the ACRE project.