Department of Geography, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

The Department of Geography of the University of Helsinki is the oldest and the largest geography department in Finland and offers a wide range of teaching and research facilities. There are two majors: geography and regional studies. Geography is divided into physical geography, human geography, geographical education and geoinformatics. Regional studies is divided into urban and planning geography, development geography and tourism geography. Minors can be made in geography, regional studies, geoinformatics or urban and planning geography. Department also provides an international master's degree programme in geoinformatics (GIMP).


Being over 100 years old department, the scope and focus have changed in the past. The current focus in research is in remote sensing and geoinformatics, hydrogeography and urban geography. However, the traditional and other fields are still within the research and teaching curriculum.

The staff comprises about 40 persons including 10 professors. The official language is Finnish, but most of the staff members are capable speaking English and Swedish and some of them are command in German, French and Spanish, too. Some of the PhD students and researchers are foreign and many of the teachers and PhD students have conducted research abroad.

The courses are primarily given in Finnish, but there are some courses, especially in geoinformatics in English, too. The department is member of Geoinformatics Virtual University and The Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies, which provide further courses in English.

The fields of research in geography are the geographical structures and functions of the human and nature systems and their interactions. Research is carried out around the world the topics ranging from local questions to worldwide problems.